Paint scratches, door dents, bumper dings, and shopping cart scrapes are the most common battle scars on any daily driver. Our friend Sergé got sideswiped in the parking lot by a hit-and-run driver, who left [More]
Tutorial on how to perform stone chip repairs using the Proteam Paint Repair Systems.
best car scratch remover|remove scratches from car|auto scratch repair product link: best car scratch remover Buyer’s adoration their cars and taking deal with your vehicle can turn into an interest. This is a billion dollar [More]
Product link: lapiz reparador de rayas, non-toxic Sin olor caracterĂ­stico y resistente a agua Se puede usar en cualquier tipo de carro y cualquier color de carro
How to remove scratches from a car at home with Toothpaste! Car Medic are the UK’s First SMART repairer offering MOBILE car repairs. We repair minor damage – dents, scuffs, scratches to bumpers and bodywork. We repair & refurbish vehicle interiors – dashboards, centre consoles, [More]
Looking to sell your car but a few small scratches are preventing you from getting top dollar? Or maybe, a close encounter with a shopping cart or city driving has left a few scars on [More]
Every single car on the road has this problem: rock chips in the paint! Mark shows us how to get your vehicle looking brand new again using Finish 1st Abrasives available at AutoZone! Here are [More]
Unfortunately I got my first big paint chip and had to touch up so tried Dr. Colorchip. Very happy with the results! See link below for product info. Follow me on Instagram @carguy_11. Subscribe @ [More]
A quick demo of how to repair chips in your car paint using the Chipex Touch Up Paint car paint repair system. This specific product is from: Pick your own colour combination from Amazon [More] ***Get a 10% discount on anything from with the coupon code “traffic” Now anyone can repair their own Paint Chips and Deep Scratches just like the professionals do without spending hundreds of dollars [More] – How Much to Fix Chipped Paint on Car Rock dings, rock chips, stone chips, road rash, minor scratches, swirlmarks… they are all so annoying! BUT! – There is something on the market that [More]
I can’t believe how well this worked for me, make sure to use clear nail polish because that will work best unless you have the exact right color of nail polish for your car. Keep [More]
0207 118 1606 – bumper repair, scratch repair, dent repair, alloy wheel repair: London, Essex, LONDON SCRATCH REPAIR Specialist in mobile car body repairs, Alloy Wheel Repair and Dent Removal. Call for a FREE quote [More] Description: Remove the cap and painting on car scratching part easily. Easy to dry, please tighten the cap after use the pen. Please keep it away from children. New generic Car Scratch Repair Remover [More]
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